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Written by Bernhard Bieri

Literate Programming in Stata

TLDR: Literate programming with Stata just became easier thanks to the recent release of Quarto and the continuingly increasing integration of Stata and Python. One can now render a .qmd Quarto file or a Jupyter notebook containing Stata chunks and create publishing grade outputs such as presentations, dashboards and reports at the click of a button! The prerequisites of this workflow are Stata 17, Quarto, Python, as well as a few standard Python libraries.

Introducing Branches to your {blogdown} Workflow

This is a quick tips & tricks post I decided to write after switching my personal website to the Hugo Apero theme by using this excellent guide by Silvia Canelon. In it, she describes how she uses branches to switch from one theme to the other without breaking the initial site. The original idea came from the following Twitter thread by the following Tweet by Garrick Aden-Buie and leverages what is known as “Branch Deploys” on Netlify.